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Functional Products

  LiteCrème Acid Stable/ Vegetarian Creamer Instant Soluble Creamer
  • Lower fat content without compromising the whitening effect and creaminess in hot and cold beverages
  • Ideal for weight and cost-conscious customers
  • Good solubility and stability for an acidic application
  • Delicate, smooth and rich mouthfeel
  • Without added dairy ingredients, it works well as a vegan creamer to replace dairy products
  • Excellent solubility in ambient water
  • Healthier choice with low trans fatty acid
  • Can be blended with dairy ingredients as a milk powder replacement for cost conscious
  • Enhances mouthfeel and dairy aroma in milk powder 
Fat Content 20% - 25% 30% – 40% 30% - 60%
Fat Type Palm based Palm based Palm or coconut based
Protein Content 1% to 3% Not added 1% - 5%
Applications Hot beverages such as coffee, tea, cereal and chocolate drinks, as well as bubble tea Acidic beverages, cereals, multigrain and savory products Hot and cold beverages, ice cream mix, soft serve mix, milk replacer.
  Cold Soluble Creamer Foaming Creamer
  • Special designed for cold water application as well combine with other dairy ingredients as beverage instant mixes to impart creaminess.
  • Easily dissolve in cold water (4-10⁰C)
  • Excellent foam height and stability
  • Excellent whitening effect and rich creamy mouthfeel.
Fat Content 30% - 60% 20% – 30%
Fat Type Palm or coconut based Coconut based
Protein Content 3% to 4% 6% - 12%
Applications Cold beverages, milk replacer Hot beverages such as coffee, tea, and chocolate drinks
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